30 de out de 2012


           Hair-Halloween 2012/For ladys(group gift)-Dura
           Dress-mesh(group gift)-COCO
           Halloween Pumpkin paper bag(group LB)-BCC
           Skin-SashaII(free LB)-Mother Goose's
           Freckles(not free)


Halloween 2

Hair-Halloween 2012/for mens(group gift)-Dura
Off shoulder(group gift)-Heaven's Gate Neo
Shredded leggings(freeMM)-SAKIDE
Shoes black(Free)-SANTO
Skin-Nigel(free LB)-Mother Goose's

Hair-Gloria (L$1)-A&A Marketplace
Of shoulder/shorts(group gift)-Heaven's Gate Neo
Leather bangle unisex(group gift)-INSOMNIA
Skin-Blood Queen(group gift)-MOJO

25 de out de 2012


   Hair-Betty Lou/all colors(group gift)-EXILE
   Pinky girls pants/shirt/skirt/gloves(free)-Heaven's Gate Neo
   Biker kids jacket black pink(group LB)-Heaven's Gate Neo
   Mesh knee boots/multi-colors(group gift)-deeR
   Large silver hoop earring(free)-Caroline's
   Pentacle necklace(FREEgroup gift)-INSOMNIA
    Skin-Sugar/Angelic[PF](not free)

24 de out de 2012


             Hair-Violetta-All colors(group gift)-EXILE
             Poncho+pants mesh(TOT hunt)-YUMZ
             Travel bag gold(oct group gift)-VoguE
             Sunglasses oversized orange(Free LB)-Bingo
             Flats-(group gift)-tram
                Earrings orange(group gift)-Crystal Line
             Skin-not free


23 de out de 2012


Hair-Onika Naturals(october group gift)join the group $250L ACTION
Irish Dropshoulder pull pink(MM free)-SAKIDE
Glasses dark floral(october group gift)-UMEBOSHI
Ski-not free


13 de out de 2012

Halloween 2012

                   Hair-blood(group gift)-MAGIKA
                   Outfit-2012 Halloween gothic-orange(group LB)Umi Usagi
                   Skin-2012 october(group gift)-MY UGLYDOROTHY


1 de out de 2012

my pink dress

              Hair-Sam-swedish(group gift)TRUTH
              Pink dress Maja(Free)Earth & Sky
              Skin(group gift)HUIT
              Cat flats(group gift)MDL