21 de set de 2012


Hair-Tomoko2(group LB)-D!va
Overalls-Teagon/undershirt(Serendipity hunt)-Pretty Lady
Jean bag(group gift)-MDL
Sneakers(group gift)-jazzitude
Skin-Myri(group gift)-Panda Punx
Freckles not free

Hair-Janice with flowers(Fabfree hunt)-EMO-tions
Leather purse(free)-Allusions
Long skirt floral cream(group gift)-HUDSON's
Skin-Sky light(Fabfree hunt)-[ROCKBERRY]

20 de set de 2012

My elegance

Hair-Cassiopeia(14th sep group gift)-A&A
Peplum dress(group gift)-Zenith
Large gold hoop earring(free)-Caroline's jewelry
Chihuahua in bag fashion cute(slap&dash gift)-MILBON
Skin-Chloe lemon(group gift)-Lara Hurley
Shoes past gift

Hair-mesh N00(Free/all colors)-(red)Mint
Dress-shell blue(group gift)-Pretty Lady
Shushu falls dream boots(group gift)-ALB DREAM
Skin-Violeta(september group gift)-Panda Punx
Nails-red san Valentin(FREE)-MDL

17 de set de 2012

i pray

      Hair-Alison(september group gift)join the group $250LACTION
      Shoulder sweater(group gift)-=PIA=
      Lucille boots coffee(subscriber group gift)-[hoorenbeek]
      Skin-Julia(group gift)-al Vulo!


pink heart

       Capucha hair blonde/cat flats/grape popsicle(group gift)-MDL
       Mesh racer back romper/full outfit(group gift)-Crickets
       Bag-grey neko clutch(group gift)-search for the group[Mad Echo]
       Skin-Happy Eid(group gift)-jeSyLiLO


11 de set de 2012


      Hair-Alison(september group gift)join the group $250LACTION
      Pop stars sweater-party animal(group gift)-Pop Tart
      Funny leggin/pumps clover shoes(group gift)-MDL
      Skin-Tabata*1968 hippie(group gift)-al Vulo!