31 de jul de 2012

totally purple

    Cap-pinot(group lucky board)-Le poppycock
    Hair-L003blond2(free lucky board)-KMH
    Knit top purple(L$25)-Toki-Doki
    Mesh skirt/bangles/flats and more-(Full Outfit)(group gift)-Crickets
    Skin-creemton(group gift)-jeSyLiLo


30 de jul de 2012

My Crickets♥

       Hair-Loo3Monotone1(Free lucky board)-KMH
       FULL OUTFIT-Elise(group lucky board)-Crickets

beautiful butterfly

Hair-Nikki bright blonde(FREE-voting 27th july)-A&A
Long summer skirt/cardigan butterfly/top peach(anniversary )Toki-Doki
Floral britain bag(TRP hunt)-SWEET LEONARD
Flats-scarlett red(lucky board)-Duh!
Skin-Jane(group gift)-Curves

28 de jul de 2012

My green sweet

           Hair-0003blond5(free lucky board)KMH
           Maxi dress green(free lucky board)mugmog Pals shopping
           Slippers yellow(free)LUNAIRE Pals shopping
           Nails green raindrop+ring(group lucky board)CanDy NaiL
           Skin-Abbey($1L)-Mother Goose's

22 de jul de 2012

♥my style

                   Hair-Katsuki(group gift)-A&A
                   Knit sweater(group gift)-Y&R
                   Woolen socks(group gift)-Y&R
                   Shorts-package(free)BUKKA Marketplace

strawberries and stars

Hair-ninfaa!(lucky board)-HINAKO Pals shopping
Glasses(TGGS hunt)-KUMAKI TGGS
Flowers top mesh(group LB)-Y&R
Denim skirt mesh(group LB)-Crystal Line
Espadrillias fat pack(group gift)-BALKANIK2.0
Bag(group gift)-1mm

Hair-Liam-goodie bag(free)-!!CIC!! Hair Fair 2012
Lashes(TGGS hunt)-TGGS
Brush necklace(TGGS hunt)-DDD/tuki Loon TGGS
Stars top-mesh(group gift)-Y&R
Skirt-zap flower-mesh(FREE)-YOMESHOUJO Pals Shopping
Espadrillias fat pack(group gift)-BALKANIK2.0

21 de jul de 2012

Kimonos so cute

Hair-Silva-goodie bag(free)-!!CIC!! Hair Fair 2012
Earrings and Kanzashi(lucky board)-Baiken Kyoto Event
Kimono yukata(lucky board)-MiuMin Kyoto Event
Bag(Free)-Nonko Kyoto Event
Slippers(free)-LUNAIRE Pals shopping

Hair-blanche(free)MiNA Hair Fair 2012
Yukatadress(lucky board)-Baiken Kyoto Event
Watermelon slice(free)FuubutsuDou-Kyoto Event

20 de jul de 2012


Hair-Minerva-lightblonde( present 13th july)-A&A
Pants-polka dot resort-mesh deep green(Free-group camp 20m)-Le muguet
Espadrillias-fat pack(group gift)-BALKANIK2.0 CITY

19 de jul de 2012

attitude girls

Hair-Anita-all colors(free)-Tameles Hair Fair 2012
Glasses-Heart II-change colors(free)-[SteinWerk] Marketplace
Blouse-mesh(group gift)-S@BBIA
Skirt-zab flower-mesh(FREE)-YOMESHOUJO Pals shopping
Socks red($1L)-KLAMOTTE
Espadrillias-fat pack(group gift)-BALKANIK2.0CITY
Skin-bee05(gift-check the group notices)-MY UGLYDOROTHY
Bag-mono dot(free)-Septem

Hair-jia-all colors(free)-ChiChickie! Hair Fair 2012
Hair flower corsage(FREE)-MUGMOG Pals shopping
Earrings-presents Meena(free)-Meena
Top-yes I am(group gift)-=PIA=
Flats/tulle pink top y mini skirt mesh(FREE)-Splash
Bronce leggings(group gift)-BeLoTe

18 de jul de 2012

soft yellow

Hair-Bob-milk.color testers(free)-!lamb Hair Fair 2012
Le muguet lace top(free)-Le muguet
Colorful hat/summer belt yellow(group gift)-lavandaChic
Mesh longSkirt(lucky board)-RibboN pals shopping
Shoes(july group gift)-beLoTe
Skin[PF]Elly-Angelic(not free)

17 de jul de 2012

La fruit

Hair-full color pack(Free)-ANALOG DOG Hair Fair 2012
Mesh fruit shirt-(group gift)-GoK
Denim pants(group gift)-BeLoTe
Spring bag(group gift)-LavandaChic
High heels plataform-mesh color change(group gift)-deeR
Skin-Cain(group gift)-MyDear

Hair-kennedi-goodie bag(Free)-!!CIC!! Hair Fair 2012
Mesh tube Dress(subscriber gift)-BoHo HoBo
Purple blazer-boxed(FMN hunt)-D.L.S
Bronce sheer legging(group gift)-BeLoTe
High heels plataform-mesh color change(group gift)-deeR
Summer colorful bangles(Free)-pr!tty Hair Fair 2012
Skin-Moran(lucky board)-Mother Goose's
Eyes-goodie bag(Free)-Amacci Hair Fair 2012

13 de jul de 2012

sweet flowers

Hair-Sandra(july group gift-join the group $250L)-ACTION
Longskirt mesh(Lucky board)-RibboN
Skin-Bee(to friends)(gift/check the group notices)-My UGLYDOROTHY
Lashes 3(lucky board)-Mother Goose's

9 de jul de 2012


Hair-Tia dark honey(group gift/6th july)-A&A
Dress-floral red mesh(group gift)-Cake!
Plushie  tote bag(group gift july)-Bella's Lullaby
Flip flops-florida keys(group luck board)-Le Poppycock
Skin-julia*dating on the dark(group gift)-al Vulo!

Hair-Alex/blond(FREE)-Dark Mouse
Scarf white(TOSL hunt)-Izzie's
Summer retro dress mesh(group gift)-D&C and Violicous
Bag spring tort dot yellow(luck board)-1mm
Charm pumps lemonade(luck board)-RM
Sunglasses<3jeSyLiLo(group gift)-jeSyLiLo
Skin summer(group gift)-jeSyLiLo

3 de jul de 2012

black & white

Hair-Hele Coal(june group gift-join the group $250L)-ACTION
Iria dress(free LB)-YOME SHOUJO
Shoes(group gift)-tram
Skin-OlegDouPierrot-goStTon-teeth(group gift)-jeSyLiLO

2 de jul de 2012

Crickets stylus

         Hair-A330(group gift)-tram
         FULL OUTFIT Camile(group LB)-CricKets
         Skin-summer(group gift)-jeSyLiLo

         Hair-A811(group gift)-tram
         FULL OUTFIT Hannah(group LB)-Crickets
         Skin-Reena(group gift july)-Panda Punx