27 de jun de 2012

soft pink

           Hair-ash(freeball)-Analog Dog
           Bracelet+hair bow+nails+necklace+ring(DSL hunt)-Adoness
           Full lingerie-soft satin pink(TOSL hunt)-Blacklace
           Mesh high heels platform(group gift)-deeR
           Skin-baba2(group gift)-al Vulo!


26 de jun de 2012


                 Skin-Vanessa blonde(group gift)-YOON BEAUTY

color mint

                   Hair Nerida black(free)-Adoness June festival
                   Dress mint(group LB)-BCC
                   Canvas bag(group gift)-C'est la vie!


21 de jun de 2012

pink so cute

   Hair-mesh.Moelleux. blonde(Free)=DeLa=SL9B
   Top venice summer(DSLhunt)-[NV]
   Summer skirt mesh(june group gift)-piccara
   Shoes pink(group gift)-Santo
   Skin [PF]sugar-not free

20 de jun de 2012

S2 urban girls

Hair-Ellie platinum(free)Tameless-Marketplace
Glossy glasses(group LB)-Le Poppycock
Ribbon shoulder bag(group gift)-S@BBiA
Full Outfit-Lucy(group gift)-CrickeTs
Unisex piercing(DSL hunt)-Pekka
Skin-baba2(group gift)-al Vulo!

Hair-pause puff(free ball)-Analog Dog
Mesh sweater(TOSL hunt)-The Lemondrop
Pouch bag shoulder(group gift)-Le Poppycock
Yolo belt(Yolo hunt$30L)-Pepper
Full Outfit-Lucy(group gift)-CricKeTs
Skin-baba2(group gift)-al Vulo!
Boots(past hunt)
juice gloss teeth(nectarine)-[PF] not free


19 de jun de 2012

Cowgirl summer

         Hair-lucky hair Darkbrown(group gift)-A&A
         Hat+top+shorts+earrings Marinella(group gift)-Ydea
         Little silk scarf(TOSL hunt)-Izzie's
         Bag hodgepodge(TOSL hunt)-evolve
         Boots-Don Q(free)-SANTO
         Skin-june-juliette(group gift)-HUSH


18 de jun de 2012

Sunny day

                   Hair-Tameless sheila(free)-Freebie fever
                   MESH top+shorts+bag(DSL hunt)-Leri Miles
                   Skin-Barbara(free LB)-Mother Goose's
                   Skinny bangles(TAH)-Sleeping Koala

16 de jun de 2012

Summer blonde

Hair-Jess platinum(group gift)-Tameless
Mesh heartsong dress(SBHunt)-NN
Bracelet(TOSL hunt)-PICHI
Espadrilles in tie dye(TOSL hunt)-Gos
Summer bag(Free)Lavandachic-SGB event
Skin-Cookie($1L)-Mother Goose's-SGB event

MESH belly shirt/skirt(TOSL hunt)-J.P.D
Skinny bangles(TAHunt)-Sleeping Koala
Pose balls(TOSL hunt)-D.luxx pose & fudge

Lovely hat

Summer lady Hat(free LB)*RibboN*Midnight Dream summer2012
Hair-lampone(free LB)HINAKO Midnight Dream summer 2012
Denim flower zipper dress[mesh](TOSL huntSleeping Koala
Metal floral bangle stack(MA huntSleeping Koala
Skin-2012June(group gift)-MY UGLYDOROTHY

4 de jun de 2012


Hair-milk darkbrown(group gift)-nodoka
Top-blingbling(group gift)-D&C and violicous
Mesh baggy pants(group gift)-deeR
Satchel and glasses(TAH)-english muffin
Shoes Chucks skull(free)-SANTO

Top-blak/love&hate(group gift)-D&C and violicous
Mesh pants(group gift)-FuchOn
Shoes-(TAH)-english muffin

Girls estilosas

Hair-Jessie(group gift)-TRUTH
Shirt-mesh Hollywood is dead(group gift)-Beauty Killer
Shoes-kicks&colors(group gift)-SANTO

Hair-Nena pink(group gift)-A&A
Top chicana red(MAhunt)-Pirate Arts
Sunglasses-Shh,just take iT(free)-ShadZ
Belt(Yolo hunt $30L)-Pepper
Black hat&leather gloves($1L)-GABRIEL
Love Doodles travel bag(valentine gift2012 free)-Bella's Lullaby
Boots(High voltage hunt)-Duh!