sweet morning

      Hair Cassandra-swedish(not free)-TRUTH
      Flare tunic cherrypink(free)-humming
      Capri jeans/top mesh(free)-Ydea
      Flowery handbag(group LB)-Bella's Lullaby
      Shoes 4 colors-mesh(group gift)-monaLISA



     Mesh headband(Hi5 hunt)- ZEPHYR
     Hair kyrie-Raven(group LB)-!SyDS!
     Earrings-(Mix Match hunt)-ZEPHYR

     Outfit Set Amelie(group gift)-CENSORED
     Shoes umbrella(PP hunt)-SEXY BISH
     Ice coffee(free)-PaPiLLoN
     Skin Minji(LB)-Mother Goose's

     Hair je t'aime(group LB)-!SyDS!
     Undershirt Sugar dress(free) Sassy!-Kawaii fair 2012
     Jacket/bells earrings/White sunglasses/necklace key 
     (group gift )ArisAris 
     Kawaii bunny lips(free) MF-Kawaii fair 2012
     Skirt Spring's back(group LB)-Y&R
     Brown boots(group LB)-Chrysalis
     Bag(free)-The Fashion Cache


Love Kawaii 2

      Floating cupcake cutie and tongue cupcake stack
      (Sexy Bish-free)-Kawaii fair 2012

Hair Bunny(subscriber group)-TRUTH
Daisy sunglasses in hair(free gift)-[ArisAris] Kawaii fair 2012
Blue cardigan(free gift)-[AstonisHD] Kawaii fair 2012
Pink striped(free gift)-[EXCUSIVY] Kawaii fair 2012
Watermelon mess face and Furbi blue(free gift)[Razzberry]Kawaii fair 2012
Travel bag(free gift)[Tentacio] Kawaii fair 2012
Trendz boots(free gift)[REILA SKINS]Kawaii fair 2012
Shorts(free)[Bukka] marketplace

Babie dress peche(free gift)[AMERICAN BAZAAR] Kawaii fair 2012
Freaky kitty key cord(free gift)[FreakyDesign] Kawaii fair 2012
Balloon ring(free gift)[HollyWeird] KAWAII FAIR 2012
Mesh satchel bag(free gift)[SHINE] Kawaii fair 2012
Catdot tights(group gift)-1mm
Star Rave Denim skirts(free)-marketplace



          (Dress Me Purple hunt):
          Marga tunic in dark purple #8
          Arisu pants in purple #9
          Bag purple mesh #4
          Mara boots #5
          tribe necklace #2

          Metallic violet nails #1
          Julia balloon dress-mesh #10
          Jungle leggings in purple #6
              April 6th-April 15th

         Skin 2012 April(group gift)-MY UGLYDOROTHY
         Sneaker black (old hunt)




                Ann-hair type A(free)-Uw.St
                Pretty spring dress(DSM hunt)-{W&R}
                Cat fuwafuwa bag(group gift)-Honey kitty

                Julie-hair type B(free)-Uw.St
                Salopette skirt check(LB)-*evergreen*
                Wagara handbag(group gift)-1mm
                Unisex sneakers-color change(free)-Marketplace


strawberry delicada

                Hair pause puff(free)-Analog Dog
                Strawberry tunic(april LB)-humming
                Ribbon bag(free)-ZEPHYR
                Pants many blue(LB)-CHANDELLE